– June & July 2012 – D.B Clarke Theatre (Montreal)

Music and Lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb
Directed/Co-Produced by Jonathan Keijser
Musical Direction by David Mathew Brounley
Choreography by Anne-Flore de Rochambeau 
Co-Produced/Production by Tara Bissett & Lara Oundjian
Set Designer: Jan Venus
Costume Designer: Josée Couture
Sound Designer: Joe Kiely
Assistant Music Director: Vanessa Coderre

Welcome to Cabaret – Music Theatre Montreal 2012 from Music Theatre Montreal on Vimeo.


Set amidst the tawdry decadence and festering anti-Semitism of Weimar Republic Berlin at the start of the 1930s, Cabaret follows two ill-fated relationships: between an idealistic American writer and a carefree English showgirl, their world-weary landlady and an elderly Jewish shopkeeper. Hovering on the sidelines of their story while slyly commenting on it, the mysterious figure of the Emcee presides over the escapist frivolity of the Kit Kat Klub, a second- rate nightclub where “life is beautiful.” But the bright lights and raucous music of the cabaret can’t drown out the impending chaos of a world about to be torn apart. A fiercely entertaining musical filled with classic songs, Cabaret is also a dark political cautionary tale that remains as startlingly relevant now as it first did over forty-five years ago.

~ Marc Ducusin


Emcee: Shayne Devouges
Sally Bowles: Alisha Ruiss
Clifford Bradshaw: Chris Hayes
Herr Schultz: Kenny Stein
Fräulein Schneider: Diane Hébert
Fräulein Kost: Maggie Owen
Ernst Ludwig: Brandon Adam
Roise: Michele DesLauriers
Lulu: Dayane Kamana Ntibarikure
Frenchie: Marjorie Grégoire
Fritzie: Nicole Rainteau
Texas: Victoria Maher
Helga: Kenny Wong
Bobby: June Lam
Victor: Marc Duscin
Herrmann: Xavier Gauthier